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For kids and adults with low or no vision and the people who love and support them

Independence Immersion Program

Our Independence Immersion Program enables you to regain control of your life so you can live the life you desire. You’ll work with specialized instructors to set achievable goals, learn techniques for organization, cooking, safe travel, and access to any technology. All skill levels are welcome. Get started today on your journey to living your best life!

For Schools and Families

School Services

Young kid studying with screen magnifier

In person and virtual Vision Services meet the educational needs of students who are blind or have low vision throughout California. Partnering with school districts and parents for over 20 years, we specialize in an all-inclusive vision approach which includes Vision Services (TVIs), Orientation & Mobility, and Braille Transcription.

Youth Services

Boy with dark glasses building with clay

We go above and beyond academics by building student confidence, resourcefulness, and independence. Youth Services focuses on students’ successful integration into society and prepares students to live in a world designed for sighted individuals.

All Programs & Services

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Do you struggle with reading print and need an electronic large screen magnifier (CCTV)? Vista Center offers monthly, low-cost rental options.

Introduction to accessible tools using smartphones, laptops, and electronic magnification.

Learn to use contacts, calendar events, screen reader and personal assistance (ie. Siri or Hey Google)

Learn to use screen readers or magnification to use the internet, email, productivity suites (Office365, Google Drive), messaging, and applications