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Upcoming Topic

AI-driven Tools


When: Friday October 6, 2023

Time: 10:00 – 11:30 am (Pacific)

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Join us for an enlightening presentation featuring our special guest, Morgan Pimentel, a dedicated Assistive Technology Instructor from Vista Center. Morgan’s unwavering passion lies in the realm of technology, with a particular focus on its potential to empower individuals who are blind and/or have low vision.

During this engaging session, Morgan will delve into the world of groundbreaking AI-driven tools, shedding light on two remarkable innovations:

1.   BeMyAI: Experience the future with BeMyAI, a cutting-edge AI feature set to revolutionize BeMyEyes. This technology empowers blind or low-vision users by providing remarkably detailed descriptions of images, thanks to advanced AI powered by ChatGPT.

2.   ChatGPT: Meet your personal AI assistant, ChatGPT. Discover how this digital marvel can simplify your life, from tackling intricate tasks to offering in-depth answers to your questions—all accessible from your smartphone or computer.Join us as we explore the exciting intersection of assistive technology and artificial intelligence with Morgan Pimentel. Together, we’ll unlock new possibilities for independence and accessibility through the power of innovation.


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