Technology Training


Introduction to accessible tools using smart phones, laptops, and electronic magnification.


Level 1: Beginning with a personal technology evaluation, Vista specialist will create a learning plan based on your preferences and available devices. You will learn how to use smart phones, laptops, or electronic magnification tools to efficiently complete your daily tasks.

Level 2: Learn to use contacts, calendar events, screen reader and personal assistance (ie. Siri or Hey Google)

Level 3: Learn to use screen readers or magnification to use the internet, email, productivity suites (Office365, Google Drive), messaging, and applications


“I never knew how much independence I would gain by using Siri and simple low vision settings!”

“Every time I work with Vista AT instructors I am WOWED because I am always learning something new and cool!”

“Working with Vista AT has been extremely helpful and practical. The technical problems that slowed me down are gone because of the tips and skills you taught me.”