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Orientation and Mobility

Have you ever wondered how you would cross a busy intersection if you had no vision?  The ability to move about independently, safely and with confidence is fundamental to enjoying a productive and independent life.  Our Orientation and Mobility (O&M) Specialists teach adults and children who have vision impairments the specific skills needed to find their way through their environment and to travel safely and efficiently at home, school, work, and through the community.


Orientation & Mobility instructor with client at train stationInstruction is individualized and usually provided one-on-one. O&M instruction may include learning skills such as using a long cane, orienting oneself to new environments, using public transportation systems, crossing streets safely, community safety, operating low vision devices and electronic travel aids, and by learning to fully use one’s other senses.  Our O&M Specialists take pride in helping our students become proficient travelers who have the skills to go anywhere.


For San Mateo County information contact Sharon Hudson at 650 858-0202 ext.111.


For Santa Clara County information contact John Faustino 650 858-0202 ext.128.


For Santa Cruz County information contact Ana Bedingfeld at 831 458-9766


For San Benito County information contact John Faustino at 650 858-0202 ext.128


Instructional Video: Operating the Caltrain Audible Ticket Machine

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