Travel Training


Level 1: Gain the confidence to move safely through your home, work, and community.

Level 2: Develop the ability to utilize elevators, stairs, and escalators safely and comfortably through simple strategies. Gain an understanding of traffic patterns and how they relate to safe navigation without sight.

Level 3: Cross streets, plan a new route, and use public transportation with confidence. If your goal is to independently travel to work, school, or just go shopping this course is for you!


Level 1: Learn how to navigate the world using sound, touch and cane techniques.

Level 2: Learn to travel outside your home using land marks and traffic direction cues.

Level 3: Expand your ability to cross streets safely, use public transportation (bus/train) and explore new environments using spacial awareness and advanced cane travel skills


“Prior to Vista travel lessons, my wife refused to go outside and was afraid of getting lost. Your approach has been so calm, encouraging and informational. My wife feels completely comfortable working with you, and she is less anxious and more confident as she travels!”