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Participants of Vista Center's Children and Youth services engage in a variety of enjoyable and formative recreation activities. These programs are designed to boost confidence, promote independence and build resilience.


Kyle Garcia, a young client of Vista Center, speaks vividly about how our services transformed his outlook on life and goals for the future.  Funded by Sutter Health/PAMF.

View this beautiful short video, produced by the Menlo Charity Horse Show committee to show at its Friday Night Gala during the 2015 horse show.  Katie is a Vista Center client and young mother who has had a progressive eye disease for many years.  Her heartwarming story will help you more fully understand and appreciate the life-changing services offered by Vista Center.


A Tribute to Steve Nakagawa

Vista Center Client Stories for Vintage Affaire

What Our Clients Say About Us (Youtube)

Client's 100 Year Milestone

Centenarian Lorraine Silva and 20/20 penLorraine Silva, a long time Vista Center client and Centenarian who just celebrated her 100th birthday this past September, says, “I love the clear, bold print of the 20/20 pens.  They are also very easy to write with which is very helpful, especially at my age.”  Lorraine is an inspiration to everyone who meets her.  Belated Happy Birthday Lorraine!




Note from a Youth Services client:

"The youth group has done so much for me personally. I’ve made friends through it, and had a variety of amazing experiences with those same friends, most of which I’m not sure I would’ve experienced otherwise.
Those experiences also helped us to bring us all closer. I really hope the youth group continues to grow!
Thanks and all the best,"

Nick Helms

Vista Center Changed My Life

Maria Shipley“Vista Center has been a lifeline for me. From when I first called, when I was very depressed, when I had to quit work and it was no longer safe for me to drive – Vista Center has been there.”

- Maria Shipley


View a video of Maria Shipley's journey.


Helen Wong

“Vista Center has been a tremendous help to me. Everyone has been interested in encouraging me. The low vision optometrist was so patient with me, showing me different equipment. I now have two pairs of glasses, one for inside and one for outside and they make seeing so much more comfortable.”

- Helen Wong


Peter St. John“I was most impressed with the support mechanisms in place. The support group was extremely encouraging. The amount of information they brought into our lives was a real eye opener at every turn!”

- Peter St. John



Isabel Ortiz“Everything that Vista Center has introduced to me has been life changing -  20/20 pens, bold lined paper, and a big calendar. These things changed my life.   I don’t know where I’d be if I hadn’t found Vista Center.”

- Isabel Ortiz




Nick: Cooking ClassTwo students wearing aprons and one wearing a chef's hats  in the Cooking Class

Thank you so much for inviting me to attend the cooking class on Nov 14th. I had a wonderful timethere and got to learn how to make some excellent food! It was also a quite pleasant experience to be able to network with a few friends I hadn't seen in a while.

I understand the hard work and coordination it takes to put events like this on and it does not go unnoticed.

By the way, the food tasted excellent! Bruce and his wife were also great hosts who graciously welcomed us into their home and provided all the ingredients we would need.

It was nice to be able to learn from them! Please pass on my thanks!

Happy Holidays to you and everyone at Vista Center, you do a lot for the blind community and I sure do appreciate it!


Randy's StoryO&M Instructor Laura Michels with featured client Randy Tamez

Randy Tamez became visually impaired from a rare form of brain tumor twenty years ago and has been a client of Vista Center for nineteen years. He has no vision in his left eye, and very little in his right eye, creating depth perception issues for him.

Randy is a 1998 graduate of San Jose State University, with a major in political science and minor in economics. In his spare time, he has fun shopping, reading books on tape, and surfing the internet. He is very independent.

Randy was the Community Transit Authority (CTA) chairman from 1993-2003, and continues to be involved with the group. We met with him at San Jose City Hall, where he was to work with Vista Center instructor Laura Michels, to orient himself to the location of the upcoming meeting where there would be an emergency evacuation drill. Laura would be instructing him with orientation and familiarization skills so that he could learn where the meeting would be held by talking and walking through the building several times. His new part-time job is as a Community Advocate for Silicon Valley Independent Living Center, part of a state-wide center. He ensures that local and state wide policies don’t become detrimental to persons with disabilities, and assists with making global system decisions and policies. He is also involved with voting rights issues.

We are proud to be part of Randy’s success story.


The short video below depicts Vista Center Clients describing their experiences. To start the video click on the triangle below the video screen.

Vista Video

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