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Low Vision Clinic

A person with low vision has difficulty accomplishing Vista Center ophthalmologist providing services to clientvisual tasks, even with prescribed corrective lenses. Usually it is possible to enhance remaining vision by utilizing low vision devices and by making environmental modifications.

In our Low Vision Clinic, specially trained low vision optometrists will carefully measure the client’s functional vision by using equipment, lighting, and techniques designed specifically for those with low vision.

Appropriate magnifying devices and electronic equipment will then be demonstrated and recommended to allow the client to maximize the remaining use of his or her vision.

Clients will have the opportunity to try several low vision aids and equipment including:

Our optometrist may also recommend other helpful services that are offered by Vista Center.

If you would like to schedule a low vision evaluation or if you have any questions regarding whether your insurance will cover this type of service, please call 650-858-0202 for our Palo Alto Clinic and 1-831-458-9766 for our Santa Cruz Clinic.


For doctor referrals please complete the attached form and fax it to our office.

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