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Volunteers Help Client to Achieve a Dream

In the beginning of December a group gathered at a luncheon to celebrate the publication of a very special book written by a Vista Center client, Trudy Grossman.  Trudy hosted our luncheon to acknowledge the collaboration of the volunteer team that helped her achieve her goal.  After spending just a bit of time with Trudy, one knows for certain that living life to the fullest and achieving her dreams is a daily reality.

The book titled, GEORGE, MY WAR HERO, The story of a US Army Officer and his important mission during WWII, is a tribute to the life and love of Trudy for her husband George.  How this book came to print is a moving story of a volunteer relationship that not only impacted the life of the client but the two volunteers involved in bringing the project to life.

We post this story to honor the work of the volunteers and the wonderful spirit and joy that Trudy brings to her daily life.  First a bit about the volunteers and then we invite you to read the preface of the book, written by Gautam, Trudy’s volunteer.  The preface tells the story of the relationship, the project and the ripple affect of when people come together to maximize each other’s potential.

Trudy with volunteers, Anita and GautamGautam contacted Vista Center in 2009 to volunteer, as he had completed his graduate work and was settled in to his new job in the Bay Area.  He was matched with Trudy   based on shared interests and her project.  Gautam’s work with Trudy is beautifully portrayed in the preface of the book.  Upon the completion of the book, there was a need to record an audio version of the book so Trudy can always listen to the story and share it with friends and family.  

Another Vista volunteer came into the picture at that time.  Anita, who had an interest in developing her skills in creating audio recordings of publications,  was matched to record the book.  Anita and Gautam worked together first to learn the software that enabled her to record a digital copy of the book and then she worked hard to complete the recording during her summer break from her teacher’s aid position.    

Trudy and her book, George, My War HeroWe pay special tribute to Gautam for being the steady and gifted guide in helping Trudy tell her story in such a beautiful manner.  The book is being shared with all of her family and friends and pays the tribute to her husband.  We also acknowledge Anita for working steadily during her holiday to lend her voice and skills for creating the audio recording. 

If you are interested in beginning your own chapter as a Vista Center volunteer we invite you to go to our Volunteer page.  We have many opportunities for you to contribute your own special talents.  This is just one story that illustrate’s the contributions of our many loyal and giving volunteers at Vista center.  Each volunteer has a special story to share and we will bring more of their stories to you in the future. 

George, My War Hero, Preface (MS Word)