Braille Transcription Project


Looking for help transcribing print materials into Braille? Vista Center can help!

Vista Center’s Braille Transcription Project provides a unique solution to school districts by creating custom braille contractions for any educational material. Now students can read only the contractions they know and read with confidence, pride, and success.

We have transcribed thousands of educational materials to ensure students and adults have equal access to their literary materials. Our experienced transcribers can translate textbooks, worksheets, math, pictures, maps, menus, and more. Materials are available in standard or custom braille contractions.

We are 100% dedicated to improving students’ access to braille educational materials in a timely manner. All projects will be shipped using expedited mail at no extra cost. Interested in learning more? Fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

About Braille Transcription Project

The Braille Transcription Project of Santa Clara County was established in 1956 in response to the increasing amount of children who were born blind with Retinopathy of Prematurity. The Superintendent of Schools in Santa Clara County began a project with the goal to provide braille books for school children who were blind. The Braille Transcription Project of Santa Clara County was incorporated 1988 with independent exemption status and a 501(c)3 classification.

As children grew, went on to college, and found employment, there continued to be a huge need for manuals and professional materials. Once again, the project met the need. The Braille Transcription Project of Santa Clara County, Inc. has been transcribing printed materials for the Blind ever since.

Our library contains 100 titles in UEB braille.