Guidance and Orientation


Welcome to Vista Center Independence Immersion Program! This is a great starting place for understanding all that Vista Center has to offer! Meet with a specialist for advice and support for maintaining a balanced attitude when dealing with the challenges of vision loss. Work with your independence instructor to develop coping strategies and develop goals to create a plan towards independence. Available for all levels


Meet with a Vista Center specialist to explore the programs Vista Center has to offer to help navigate a world with vision loss. Set achievable goals to regain your independence. Our instructors are you accountability partners throughout your journey.


“I feel so blessed for all of the information I have received and the ideas to help me live with my disability.”

“You save my life because I do not feel alone anymore. It is so wonderful to be able to discuss my vision loss journey with others who relate.”

“I have lived with diabetes for many years, I was surprised to learn so much from you and the participants. Listening to our stories is empowering in itself.”