Graham Norwood

Graham Norwood photo

Graham Norwood is a Bay Area native and accomplished musician, who completely lost his vision during a surgical procedure in 2019. Now a client of Vista Center, he is learning the vitally important new skills that allow him to embrace and live his best life. 

After surgery, Graham felt limited in what he could achieve and was reluctant to push himself. Having lost his confidence and feeling of independence, he turned to Vista Center, where he regained a sense of capability and began to see himself as someone who could continue to go out into a complex world and do anything he wanted to do.

Working to overcome life-changing obstacles placed in his path due to visual impairment, Graham is learning new approaches and skills to embrace an active life without the emotional limitations often experienced by those facing vision loss. He is finding his own way and charting a new course independently.

Recently accepted to the Master of Social Work program at UC Berkeley, Graham will pursue a career as a therapist, serving people with disabilities and mental health challenges. He looks forward to becoming a positive mentor for individuals who are blind or visually impaired.