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Book Club Gets a New Volunteer Facilitator

Over 11 years ago, former Vista Center Board Member Ron Schwartz began the Book Club to encourage people who are blind or visually impaired to continue reading. Ron, who is visually impaired himself, volunteered to lead the book club with the goal of bringing education and community to people with visual impairment through reading.

“Most people who love books want to share that love with other people. For people with visual impairments, it becomes even more important to make books available and provide an outlet to talk about them. We don’t lose the love of books just because we can’t see.”

After over a decade of volunteering, Ron is stepping down from his position as facilitator and looks forward to participating in Book Club as a member. His service as a Vista Center volunteer has positively impacted both new and long-time members of the Book Club, and he plans to continue sharing his love for books in the community.

Taking his place will be John Glang, a Vista Center volunteer who also hopes to bring the joy of reading to people who are blind or visually impaired. Ron comments, “John brings so much vigor and excitement to the group. He’s a great addition to our Book Club and will be very successful.”
For anyone interested in joining the Vista Center Book Club, the group meets once a month at the Vista Center Palo Alto location.

Image: Ron Schwartz sitting with new Book Club Facilitator John Glang