Deadly bacteria in recalled eyedrops can spread person-to-person

Deadly bacteria in recalled eyedrops can spread person-to-person: The New York Times report that scientists are concerned that the once rare treatment-resistant bacteria found in the recalled eyedrops can spread person-to-person and poses a risk of establishing itself as a recurrent problem in the U. S. In January, EzriCare and Delsam Pharma artificial tears and ointment products were recalled after being linked to the bacterium P. aeruginosa. The bacteria have caused at least 68 infections, including 3 deaths and at least 8 cases of blindness. The eyedrops were imported to the U.S. from India, and many of the cases occurred after the bacteria spread person-to-person at a long-term care facility in Connecticut, according to the Times, which cited FDA and CDC lead investigator Maroya Walters, PhD. Walters said the cases that caused death or blindness were traced to the EzriCare artificial tears product. “It’s very hard to get rid of,” University of North Carolina infectious disease specialist David van Duin, MD, PhD, told the Times, noting that the bacteria clings to sink drains, water faucets, and other moist places. The FDA visited the Global Pharma Healthcare plant in India where they were made. In a March 2nd citation to the company the FDA listed nearly a dozen problems, such as dirty equipment and the absence of safety procedures and tests.


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