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Become a Vista Center Champion today!

Vista Center Champions is a monthly donor program, created to ensure the future success and sustainability of Vista Center for the Blind and Visually Impaired.

Champions make monthly gifts to Vista Center, of any amount. Recurring gifts help ensure the longevity of Vista Center's programs and services, making these life-changing opportunities a fixture of our community.

$15 can help a client regain their ability to read through a new pocket magnifier

$30 can improve a client's vision with a new pair of contrast enhancing sunglasses

$50 can help a client travel safely with a new white cane

$100 can help a client reconnect with their community through a one-on-one training session

$200 can provide a client with a Low Vision Evaluation, helping them utilize their remaining vision

YOU can make these things happen –
and you can do it every month!

Become a Champion!