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These videos were produced with the help of a grant provided by Cisco Systems, Inc.

Coping with Vision Loss

This video provides information and insights about the impact of vision loss and the strategies for adjusting to significant vision loss.



Working with Blind or Visually Impaired Patients

This this video provides health care personnel with strategies for working effectively with patients who have low vision or are blind. Applying just a few communication skills will improve the experience for patients and help provide effective medical care.



Low Vision and the Low Vision Exam

Presented by Selma Chin, O.D., Low Vision Optometrist

This video gives an overview of the definition of low vision as well as a description of the low vision exam and how the exam differs from a regular eye exam. Included are techniques for improving low vision such as high-contrast lighting and aids and how contrast, near vision, far vision and field of vision affect low vision.



Caltrain Audible Ticket Vending Machine

The Accessible Ticket Vending Machine also known as a (TVM), is an audible ticket vending machine that has been designed to enable Blind and Visually Impaired individuals to purchase public transportation tickets independently. This machine has an audio button that will convert the menu from text only to an auditory menu. A step by step explanation automatically begins describing the lay out of the machine so that the user can search efficiently for the menu buttons, volume adjustments, the payment input, and describes where to locate the ticket dispenser and change compartment.

Fall Prevention

This video is designed to address home safety to help blind and visually impaired persons reduce their risk of falling.


Money Identification

This video demonstrates some of the ways a visually impaired or blind person can identify the denominations of coins and bills in their possession.



iBill Talking Banknote Money Identifier



Pen Friend Voice Audio Labeler System



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