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Help - Support Vista Center blind and visually impaired clients during the COVID-19 crisis.

The virus is scary for everyone, most especially for vulnerable individuals dependent upon Vista Center and organizations like ours for essential services. Limited or no sight can exaggerate feelings of isolation, fear and confusion, as well as...How do I? in the era of limited transportation and access to basic life needs.

For those of you still feeling shock and sadness, as we do, our hope is that you appreciate our commitment to stay the course by using alternate ways to ensure consistent and timely services to our client community comprised primarily of adults aged 55 and older. In times of crisis, it is especially important to help blind and visually impaired community members. The Vista Center Team is committed to our mission, and determined to continue serving our clients with standard, and in fact,  added "check-in's" and encouraging messaging, and ongoing services.

Effective immediately Vista Center will adjust our service delivery to provide client programs and support in the following ways:

•           virtual case management and support groups that combat isolation,

•           virtual assistive technology training (online services will be essential)

•           proactive phone connections to clients who have conditions that make them especially vulnerable to fear, loneliness, and separation anxiety..

In order to implement these changes, we must rapidly increase staff workloads and purchase technological tools. That means increased costs.

For anyone who has ever suffered with disability, one of the most critical elements of successful and happy living is access to a support system. Vista Center IS that support system for over 3,300 community members.

Can you help us fund our increased costs?
•           We estimate $230,000 in extra costs in the next two months.

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