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Past President and Former Board Lunch

Past President Martha Edwards (also Co-Chair of this event) far left, past President Suzanne Legallet far right and current Board Member Ron Schwartz pose for our cameras! On Tuesday, March 13, 2011. the Vista Center Board of Directors held its first Past President and Former Board lunch in many years. The festive event was held at the Rosewood Sand Hill Resort in Menlo Park. Despite the rain and wind, over 40 of Vista Center’s present and former leaders from the 1970’s to present day joined us for this gathering.

Board President, Dr. Steve SanislCurrent Board President, Dr. Steve Sanislo addresses the guests. o opened the lunch with a fun, but very educational quiz that allowed guests to learn how much Vista Center had grown over the past few decades. Executive Director, Pam Brandin delivered a “state of Vista Center” and informed the group that Vista Center would be moving to a new location by 2014.

Past President, Martha Barry far left; Executive Director, Pam Brandin; Past President. Mona Armistead second from right and Former Member, Dawn Wilcox far right are enjoying conversation. A wonderful question and answer period was followed by President–elect Meaux Costello discussing the inauguration of the Vista center Legacy Circle, that celebrates all supporters who have named Vista Center in the estate plans or committed to a planneCurrent Board member Patricia Joyce talks with staff member Kristy Esteban about Vista Center services d gift. There are currently 20 members.

The event was truly magical with all guests thoroughly enjoying reconnecting with their former colleagues. It was so successful we are planning a similar event next year. Thanks go to the Vista Center Donor Relations Committee for developing, implementing and hosting this event, in particular, the fabulous Chairs, Martha Edwards and Susan Martin!Past President and Co-Chair of the event, Susan Martin. chats with former Board member, and current Menlo Charity Horse Show Finance Committee Chair, Steve GoldenbergThe room was filled with Vista Center leaders past and present! Seated are Former Board members, T.V. Raman, current Google employee and Roger Petersen, Vista center health Library Volunteer Former Board Members left to right are Gayle Rimmerman, David Wollenberg, and Jack Woodson who are enjoying a light moment

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