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Vista Center will be closed
Friday, March 30th for Spring Break

2018 Office Closure Dates

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Vista Center Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Mark O’Boyle

Claire Biancalana
Karin Wick
Vice Presidents

Bridget Madigan

Amy Andonian

Pam Brandin, MPA
Executive Director

Donna Bell
Recia Blumenkranz, M.D.
Catherine Carlton
Annie Chapin 
Meaux Costello
Elizabeth Day
Margaret Day
Joan Frawley Desmond
Michael Freitas
John Glass
Susan Glass 
Jovita Honor
Susan Rinne Miklos
Artis Montague, M.D., Ph.D.
Sudha Rajagopalan
Carolyn Rogers
Steven Sanislo, M.D. 
Maria Shipley
Bob Stewart
Nels Westman